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This NEW ServSafe Allergens Essentials Course is designed for people who work with food but do not prepare food, such as front of the house staff, teachers, concession stand workers, sports volunteers, coaches, nursing aides, flight attendents, and front desk staff to list a few. With over 32 million Americans with allergens, this solution delivers consistent allergens training including how to handle an allergen emergency such as anaphylaxis, that can protect people and save lives.

ServSafe Allergens Essentials online course now includes sesame seeds which the FDA has added to the list of common allergens (now the big nine). The course also includes content on how to safely administer epinephrine for someone experiencing anaphylaxis.

The course content covers three key areas:

  • Allergen Fundamentals
  • Keeping Guests Safe
  • Managing Emergencies


Languages: English
Exam Type: 10 Question quiz
Quiz Attemps: Unlimited
Certificate: ServSafe Allergens Certificate of Completion
Accreditation: Not Accredited
Course duration: Approximately 30 minutes



ServSafe Allergens Essentials Online Course


All online purchases are final. Once the course is started, the participant will have 90 days to complete it, at which time the course will be deactivated. Massachusetts Residents, this course is NOT accepted in your state. Please click HERE to access our Approved MA Allergens Course and earn your MA Allergens Certificate.

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